Freak Flags: Unusual Interior Design Choices

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Image: Joshua Simpson for FSG’s Work in Progress 

Books in the bathroom? A shiny gold front door? Black particleboard kitchen?

Life—and interior design—is filled with decisions and, luckily, people are like snowflakes: no two of us are exactly alike. So, interior design choices can sometimes strike one person as nirvana and another person as nonsensical. I like to think that in our own spaces we should be free to express ourselves however we like. Fly our freak flags, so to speak.

Books in the Bathroom

Freak Flags: Unusual Interior Design Choices

Image: Joshua Simpson for FSG’s Work in Progress 

Noted novelist, Michael Cunningham, is proud of his library. It just so happens that his library is located in his bathroom. Perhaps this is a smart choice for him, but it’s the kind of thing that I could never do in my home. Keeping books so close to water just doesn’t sit right with me for some reason. But more power to him.

A Shiny Gold Front Door

Freak Flags: Unusual Interior Design Choices

Design and Image: LifeSpaceJourney 

This home includes tons of unusual design choices, starting with the shiny gold front door. The owner has remarked that it helps guide him home after a late and/or rowdy evening out, and I can believe that’s true. There’s also the die-cut… door? Sliding wall? I’m not exactly sure what that is that we’re seeing on the left in the image above.

There’s certainly a level of artistry to this interior design, and it’s truly unusual—and for both of those things I say right on!

Black Particleboard Kitchen

Freak Flags: Unusual Interior Design Choices

Design and Image: LifeSpaceJourney 

Guess what? This is the kitchen of the same house that has the shiny gold front door. That’s oriented strand board—also known as particleboard or, simply, OSB—that’s been painted black. It gives the kitchen cabinetry a kind of sinewy texture. It’s not my cup of tea, but I’m not the one who lives there. I’m sure it’s precisely what the owner, who is also the designer, wanted for his kitchen and that’s exactly as it should be, in my opinion.

How do you fly your freak flag in your home decor?

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