Graffiti It: Graffiti as Wall Decoration

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Design & Image: Black General Contracting

Trends come and go; that’s why they’re called trends. Art is subjective—in the eye of the beholder, if you will—and that’s one of the great things about art: you’re either affected by something or you’re not. One person’s spray-painted abomination is another person’s perfect expression of self. So, when an artistic genre – like graffiti – becomes an interior design trend you can count on lines being drawn and people taking sides.

There’s another interesting thing about art-based design trends: not everyone considers them temporary. If you’re a fan of the genre, then what’s trendy to others may be timeless to you. Such is the case with graffiti as wall décor—for me, anyway.

After that twisty-turn-y opener, let’s take a look at some of what you can create in your own home using graffiti.

Create a Wow Factor

Like it or don’t, there’s no denying that this bathroom has a ton of personality and that the graffiti-esque wallpaper is doing all the heavy lifting here. This space gives me a terrific hit of the fun-filled 80s, too, since the wallpaper is either inspired by the art of Keith Haring or it’s his art full stop.

Create an Escape

Graffiti It: Graffiti as Wall Decoration

Design & Image: Roman and Williams

Something as polarizing as graffiti can be a very edgy design choice, which is why it’s perfect for places people populate on a temporary basis—like hotels. This hippie-drippy black and white piece can be found at The Ace Hotel in New York and, if you bring it home to your house, you can have an escape to The Ace every night.

Create a Movable Statement Piece

Graffiti It: Graffiti as Wall Decoration

Design: Jimmie Martin, Image: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer on House to Home

This is wallpaper mounted on panels, propped against a dining room wall. Want to make that statement elsewhere—another room or your next home, perhaps—then just pick it up and move it. It’s a great way to take your graffiti wall with you.

Create Spontaneity

Graffiti It: Graffiti as Wall Decoration

Design: India Mahdavi, Image: Remodelista

I don’t know if graffiti got its start from chalk and blackboards—more likely its start is in the realm of cave paintings—but if you want to let your and your guests’ creativity flow, using blackboard paint is one way to do it. That way your graffiti wall can be an ever-evolving piece of art in your space. And who can argue with that?

Would you welcome graffiti as wall decoration or would you be wary?

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