How To Make A Tree Stump Coffee Table

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Whether you live in the countryside or a city, tree stump coffee tables can work for you. I have seen many instances where they have been used as rustic home décor as well as in modern designs- I would like to say that mine sits somewhere in the middle. I believe you can find sources for unfinished log stumps no matter where you live, or purchase finished stumps if you prefer!

Since I happen to live in the countryside where people still cut their own firewood, I easily came across dozens of tree stumps.

Here are a few helpful guidelines when creating a wood stump coffee table:

  1. Think about the space and how much room you will have. Since I have a large family room, I was able to create a large tree stump coffee table.  The secret is to keep them proportional. You could go with one large stump or go bigger with 2 or three.

  1. When working with more than one tree stump, it is important to use differing heights and diameters to create a more visually pleasing design. I chose to work with three differently-sized stumps. I picked a large one as the main piece of the coffee table, which was also the tallest. Then I added two smaller stumps roughly same in height but different in diameter.
  2. Once you have your stumps picked, you can choose to add casters or legs to the bottom- I chose not to because I like the look of the logs placed directly on a rug. Plus, I have 4 kids that would think they were some kind of fantastic log cars of sorts. That’s never good.
  3. You want to make sure they are completely dry or else you will have sap dripping onto the floor.  I left mine out on my porch for a few weeks in the sun so they could dry out completely.  Once they are dry, you might want to sand them down a bit to smooth any rough edges. Since mine had sat outside for a long time, they were naturally smoothed out by the weather. Also, I really liked its saw marks so I did not do much sanding.
  4. There are so many things you can do to customize and change the look of your tree stumps.  You can seal them with a gloss poly-acrylic, paint the tops in the color of your choice, or you can do one of my favorites- paint 1/3 of the stump white. Painting the bottom of the stump white looks really chic.
  5. The last thing to do is to style your stumps (This is my favorite part!). I like to keep it simple since they have so much lovely character. I sat the stumps on top of two layered rugs in my family room. I draped a throw blanket across the large stump then added a book and pewter tray full of yarn pompoms on top. I kept the other two as is. These simple touches were the perfect additions to my coffee table!

There are so many ways to style your tree stump coffee table.  You could add a basket with a blanket or a small vase of flowers that would look great against the raw beauty of the wood. Whatever you do, keep it simple and let the tree stump coffee table be the star of the show.

Are you thinking of adding a tree stump coffee table to your home?

Photo Credit: Sara Syrett of Twelve On Main

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