How To Use Color In Your Space This Spring

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I sometimes feel like a walking contradiction. While I love neutral, soft, white décor for the most part, I also have a huge soft spot for those spaces with strategically designed pops of color. I guess that’s the problem with being a DIY and home décor blogger. I spend my days lusting over so many different types of design and interior design styles. I’ll call myself “well rounded”.

This spring, I have found myself gravitating towards a few select colors in my home and have been loving it. Adding pops of color to your home can be a great way to update and refresh the space. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Some great ways to add pops of color to your home is through pillows, rugs, art, and accent furniture.

Source: Town-n-Country Living

This space is a great example of using simple pops of color in a home. The colors compliment each other and look more stunning against the soft white background.

Another great example of keeping it simple, this bathroom uses just a few colorful items in the space.

Source: Gary Rosard Architect - Caesarstone Blizzard countertops

I love the way these rugs and accent chairs add a strong pop of color to this bathroom but do not overtake the room.

There are simple ways to add a pop of color without making a huge commitment and by keeping the color scheme simple. By using 2 to 3 colors throughout, you can create continuity to your home. Using complimentary colors is always a win/win.

Source:  PMQ for Two

The combination of colors in this room work so well together, and those green walls are stunning!

You can also add some more permanent color to your home through kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and cabinets. I would not recommend adding color to all three though. Instead, choose one to be the focal point to add more impact.

Source: Idea Space Architecture & Design - Caesarstone Frosty Carrina countertop

I love the backsplash and blue cabinets in this kitchen. It is colorful, but simple and stylish, especially next to the beautiful Caesarstone countertops.

Source: Marc Michaels - Caesarstone Buttermilk countertops

The soft aqua backsplash is a wonderful accent to this kitchen. Sometimes the bolder colors can be more subtle and not overtake the space.

Try your hand at adding some color to your home. Just a few pieces will really make a statement.

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