Jungle Inspired Interiors

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When florals circled back into the trend cycle, I was ecstatic! I love me some florals. And now jungle/greenery trends have circled around again and I'm as pleased as punch. Greenery, in both prints, products, and actual plants, is great for adding depth and soul into a space. Once you have a living organism, it creates a feeling of vibrancy and depth that you can't get from too many other home decor items. Here's how to do it.

1. Apartment Therapy.   This already beautiful space is enhanced with hanging plants and potted plants in various forms. It adds interest vertically as well as adding great focal points to the room.

2. Coffee Klatch.  This great red wall color could be considered too hot and powerful, but it's muted with the softness of the greens, which also cools it down.

3. AQQ Index.  This basic bathroom is magically transformed with these tropical potted plants. It's both practical, because of the humidity, and visually beautiful.

4. Home Design Find.  One stellar way to create an oasis, if you have the means, is to create a focal point with a gorgeous courtyard. The tropical feeling is perfect for an escape.

5. SF Girl By Bay.  Perhaps my favorite way to incorporate tropical plants into the home is to use them as art. Here, they are placed on fun boxes that act as beautiful ornaments in the home. Use a variety of plants to keep it stimulating.


Have you fallen for the tropical trend yet?

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