Kitchen Organization 101

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A disorganized kitchen is my arch nemesis. I love the world of kitchen gadgets, small appliances, utensils, and the like, but I don't like the clutter they create or the dust they gather when not in use. My husband and I are in the final stages of a major kitchen remodel, and one of our main objectives in creating the kitchen of our dreams was to create spaces for all of our culinary goods. Below is a collection of clever storage solutions and beautifully organized pantry shelves that have inspired our design process.

Small Appliance Storage Solutions

Kitchen Appliance Storage
Image: BHG

The beauty of this storage arrangement is that the cabinet housing the microwave and toaster (two frequently-used items) features slide-out shelves that offer easy access to the appliances. I also love that the upper shelves showcase beautiful, colorful, kitchenware. It makes the open cabinet aesthetically pleasing; I would never complain about the doors being left open!

Kitchen Appliance Storage
Image: BHG

This clever corner cabinet manages to house seven small appliances without feeling the least bit overwhelming. I love that the homeowners made use of what could have been a tricky corner space, and had the foresight to add two sets of electrical outlets to the area. The pull-down vertical metal door is the perfect finishing touch!

Pantry Storage Solutions

Kitchen Ingredient Organization
Image Source: Coordinately Yours by Julie Blanner

Our pantries are often filled with a chaotic variety of packaging. To simplify your pantry shelves, consider using glass receptacles and a uniform set of labels on your staples. This pantry is beautifully organized because all of the ingredients are visible, and the labels are clean and simple.

Kitchen Ingredient Organization
Image: Everyday Occasions by Jenny Steffens Hobick

Much like the previous kitchen, this baking cabinet features clean ingredient storage and organization. I love the addition of small J-hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors to hold measuring cups, spoons, and mixer attachments.

Simple Additions That Will Make Organizing a Snap

Creating a dream kitchen that meets all your storage needs is a privilege; dream kitchens aren’t something all of us inherit when we move. Fortunately, there are some wonderful options available to help you organize all your small appliances, gadgets, and pantry staples. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Lynk Roll Out Cabinet Drawer

Roll Out Drawer
Image: Linens and Things

2. Baskets

Kitchen with Basket Storage

3. Free Printable Pantry Labels

Printable Pantry Labels
Image: Lia Griffith

When it comes to tidying up the clutter of appliances in your kitchen, smart storage and organization are key. The great news is that these solutions can be as simple as a label system, or as fancy as custom kitchen cabinets designed to house all of your kitchen goods.

Do you have a favorite kitchen organization tip? Please share them in the comments below!

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