Make a Bohemian Bedroom in 8 Easy Steps

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If I had all the money in the world and all the houses I could get, one of them would definitely be a bohemian styled cottage. I love all the textures, patterns, and greenery it takes to create the layered and worn look. Mastering the style in your own home is achievable and I’m going to show you how!

  1. Dishfunctional Designs. Use the walls. Bohemian bedrooms take advantage of all elements of the architecture, including the walls! Drape lovely textiles on the ceiling and walls.
  2. The Life Creative Blog. Stack! Don’t use traditional furniture to create the boho bedroom. Create makeshift storage by stacking boxes together and filling them with your beloved possessions. Top it off with a quirky arrangement of art.
  3. Apartment Therapy. Ceiling! Use all the architectural details of the room, including the roof! This is a fun trick for those who rent. It feels unique and personalized without doing too much to the space.
  4. Free People. Drape windows. Drape your windows with sheer fabric. This adds to the layering effect you will want to achieve.

Make a Bohemian Bedroom in 8 Easy Steps

  1. Oh My Blog. Unique architectural details. The first step in creating the boho bedroom is to maximize the unique architectural details of your existing space. Here, a raised bed is created in a corner. The space under the bed is used for a cozy hangout
  2. Wildbindi. Diagonal lines. Symmetry is not your friend in creating a boho bedroom. Place rugs, blankets, and furniture at interesting angles within your room to create focal points towards the bed.
  3. Damask & Dentelle. Mix patterns and colors. This is one of my favorite elements about the boho bedroom: the ability to play with fun colors and patterns! Stick with a color palette but use a variety of colors to create the palette. Layer patterns on patterns on the bed and on the floor to create a lived in feel.
  4.  Urban OutfitterGreenery! Live plants are the ultimate accessory in a boho bedroom. Use hanging planters and hang them at different levels.

Make a Bohemian Bedroom in 8 Easy Steps

 Would you go for the boho bedroom?  


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  1. I love bohemian style bedrooms. I think it’s partially because it just feels so down to earth and comfortable, partly because bohemian is so much about collecting the things around you that catch your eye and finding a way to use them as decor.

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