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Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? Wow, it feels like the last month has flown by! I wonder how many of us are already planning for Christmas? I’m not quite there yet since I’m getting things together for a fun Thanksgiving dinner and today I thought I’d show you an easy Thanksgiving place card idea for your table.

If you follow any of my posts at my blog Twelve On Main, I post a lot- and I mean a lot- about farmhouse style. I love to use nature any chance I can in my decor!

This Thanksgiving place card is the perfect way to introduce a little nature into your table this year.

I started by taking my tree pruners and cut a few small limbs off a tree in my backyard.

If you don't have any trees, I am sure there plenty of places where you can find some.  Maybe someone is having their trees trimmed or there is a park in your area where there may be a few branches laying on the ground.

I took a few limbs and cut them to 5 - 6 inches long.  I made a bundle of about 7 pieces and tied each end with a piece of twine, wrapping it a few times to make the bundle a little more decorative.

I then took a piece of cardstock, cut it down to rectangular pieces and wrote my guests' names on them.

If you don't feel confident in your writing abilities, you can definitely print out the names and it would be just as nice. I am more of a casual kind of gal and like the handwritten ones.

The last thing you need to do is take your card and insert it into one of the spaces between 2 twigs.  Since the twigs were wrapped tight with the twine, they should be tight enough that they will hold a card.

I set mine up on my farmhouse- inspired Thanksgiving tablescape I have set up for my family.

Can you believe that is all there is to it?  It is so simple yet it has an elegant, rustic touch to it that is perfect for Thanksgiving- you can even carry it into Christmas.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, make sure to try these super easy, rustic place cards.

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