New School: Incorporating Lockers into Your Décor

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Design & Image: A Beautiful Mess

As an unabashed fan of industrial influences in interior design, it’s a natural that I would be drawn to something as functional—and as seemingly out of place—as metal lockers in home décor. From school gyms to blue-collar factories, these utilitarian beauties have done all of us the service of storing our goodies at one time or another. So why not invite them into your home? Let’s look at a few places where they can come in handy.

In the Mudroom

While the lockers shown in this first image above are actually located in the designer’s kitchen, I think these would be great in anyone’s mudroom or utility room. Painting each door a different neutral is a great way of indicating whose stuff goes where, and prevents the family’s things from overtaking the rest of the house.

In the Office

New School: Incorporating Lockers into Your Decor

Design: Angela Stone Design Image: Emily Johnston for Rue Magazine

Who doesn’t love stylish storage in the home office? While not everything is made to fit comfortably in a standard-width locker, these extra-wide examples can be outfitted with shelves, drawers, or other types of dividers inside to help keep things tidy while you work.

In the Entry

New School: Incorporating Lockers into Your Decor

Image: 6th Street Design School

Don’t have a mudroom? Or maybe you just love the idea of lockers as storage and fun decoration. Then you’d probably prefer yours located near the main entry. That’s an especially good idea if you’re not already blessed with a coat closet in your entryway.

In the Dressing Area

New School: Incorporating Lockers into Your Decor

Design: Michelle de la Vega Image: Ira Lippke for The New York Times

This smart setup works great for all kinds of uses in a dressing area. From additional shoe storage (think about adding hanging shoe shelving inside one or two of the lockers) to watches, change, jewelry… you name it and these lockers can make it happen.

What do you think about incorporating lockers into your décor?

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