Outside the Vase: 9 Ways to Decorate with Flowers

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I’m loving this moment in design when flowers are taking center stage. It’s been going on for a while, and I anticipate it will continue to stay for however long floral innovation remains. There are some seriously clever people out there doing amazing things with flowers! No longer are flowers contained to vases, but they are becoming art installations, arrangements for the pool, and part of everyday living décor. Here are some of my favorite ways I’ve seen flowers used.

Outside the Vase: 9 ways to Decorate with Flowers

Images: (1) Heart Home Magazine, (2) Paper & Stitch, (3) Wedding Sparrow, (4) Sulia, (5) The House that Lars Built, (6) Anthro Blog

  1. Flowers on flowers. These cute flowerpots were given a makeover with some sweet floral fabric and then topped off with coordinating florals.
  2. Floating flowers. Brittni Melhoff creates a clever floral floating piece for the pool. I even saw it live in person and it was a beautiful accent mark in the water!
  3. Playing with art. We may not have sculptures in our living rooms, but use the existing architecture and art of your venue to decorate with flowers (keeping in mind the value, of course!).
  4. Flowers in unique vases. I love these light bulb vases. They’re perfect for a little bud!
  5. Flowers in balloons. I created this balloon installation and the flowers beautifully accented the colors! Try it!
  6. Unique display. These flowers could be traditional, but because of the unique angle the flowers are placed at, they take on a new exciting form!

Outside the Vase: 9 Ways to Decorate with Flowers

Image: Red Online

  1.  Wall Flowers. The flowers above are attached to the wall with Washi tape and create a fun art piece for the room.

Outside the Vase: 9 Ways to Decorate with Flowers

Image: Brides Magazine

  1. Flowers Above. A floral chandelier at an event, or just the every day, is a beautiful way to use florals.
  2. Hanging Flowers (top image). This floral installation includes hundreds of tulip bulbs hung from the ceiling. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

How do you use florals?

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