Party to Home: How to Transition the Party Décor Into Your Home

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Image: Love Taza

When it comes to party planning I’m all about the party décor. Actually, it’s pretty much the only thing I care about at parties. Give me a fun theme and I’ll have a blast making the tassels, garlands, piñatas, and what not. I often spend an absurd amount of time thinking of what I’ll do to observe the theme, not to mention the actual time spent creating the décor. So isn’t it a shame that you have to take it down afterwards and either toss it or put it away? I say, keep it up as long as you can!

Clearly, leaving a happy birthday sign up in your house may indicate a disregard for schedule, but there is some party décor that not only fits in fine throughout the year, but could also add a lovely boost of energy into the home. Let’s take a look at a few great transition pieces and why they work.

Images: (1) WKDY CRNVL, (2) Design Milk, (3) Sara Winward, (4) Le Zoe Musings

  1. Geometric garlands. This geometric garland is great for a boy’s or girl’s birthday party. When the party is done, transition it into the child’s room above the bed or on the wall. Add in some lovely artwork, and you’ve got the finishing touches of a whimsical bedroom.
  2. Plates! Who would have thought, right? This wall of overlapping ceramic plates is a great photobooth for a party and ALSO a fantastic statement wall in a kitchen.
  3. Fresh Green garlands. I’m a huge fan of fresh greenery. This swag transitions well from a lovely gathering setting to a cheery home décor addition.
  4. Honeycomb. Like the top image, these layered honeycombs are a great statement piece. I once saw them in one of my favorite Copenhagen vintage shops, Carmen, and I couldn’t help but think that they’d be great not just in a kid’s room, but also in a studio space or a kitchen.

Images: (5) Indulgy, (6) 100 Layer Cake, (7) Etsy, (8) Instagram

  1. Metallic bunting. This gold and silver triangle bunting is sophisticated and subtle that is makes the perfect addition to a living room above a side table or entryway.
  2. Fresh flower pendant. This fresh flower hanging is gorgeous for a bridal shower, and it also fits in a kitchen or entryway.
  3. Vintage fans. Aren’t these vintage paper fans lovely? They just don’t make colors like that anymore – , which is a shame. These would be great for a kid’s birthday party and could then be used over a window in a kid’s room.
  4. Paper lanterns. This is one of my own photos I took in Vienna at a clothing store. I loved how the owner grouped the lanterns in a big mass up on the ceiling. It’s a wonderful statement piece.

What about you? Would you keep party décor up all year? Or are you quick to take it down? Leave your comments below.

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