Quilting is Back!

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I love how the handmade movement is back and stronger than ever. It has manifested itself in a variety of mediums—mediums with a long tradition that have gained a stuffy reputation. Thankfully, with every new artistic movement, there is new life breathed into it. Quilting has a long and beautiful history that has been revamped in a modern language with new colors and patterns. Here are some new takes on the traditional quilt and why they work so well.

Quilting is Back

Images: (1) Folk Fibers, (2) Craft Nectar, (3) Fabric Worm, (4) Flickr

  1. Folk Fibers is one of my favorite brands to follow on Instagram. Maura Grace Ambrose has taken the traditional medium and morphed it into her own voice with beautiful, hand-dyed yarns and subdued, rustic palettes.
  2. This take on the square pattern feels more like pixels on a screen in a rainbow assortment. Instantly, the quilt feels modern in this new pattern.
  3. The colors in this one are based on a modern palette and feel in sync with colors in fashion and interiors.
  4. The Swiss cross pattern has been trendy for the past couple of years and gives a modern feel to this quilt. The minimal color palette is simple and feels very clean.

Quilting is Back

Images: (5) Indulgy, (6) Etsy, (7) Etsy, (8) Mint

  1. Again, another minimal design and palette updates the modern quilt.
  2. This more abstract patterned quilt, called “Empty Boxes,” by Barbara Perrino, is perfect for hanging or using as a napping blanket.
  3. Another modern quilt from Barbars Perrino, this one features graphic shapes in a modern way. You must see the rest of her collection! It’s perfect for a modern home.
  4. Crafty Blossom has a number of clean patterned quilts in an updated color palette. I especially love this black gingham.
  5. Top image, This kid’s quilt features abstract overlapping color-blocked squares in a refreshing color palette.

Which one is your favorite?

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