Say Farewell to Summer in Style

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Well, it’s come at last: the end of another summer and the beginning of autumn. But instead of being bummed, celebrate the occasion with one last great outdoor party for all your friends! Here are a few tips for hosting the sweetest farewell-to-summer fete ever, a simple yet chic get together taking place in the great outdoors, a.k.a. your own backyard.

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Set the tone with a beautiful table. It's your last chance to use bright summer colors so take advantage! We're big fans of simple, natural fabrics like linen in basic yet bold prints like the wide striped pattern above. Anchor the fabric with twine or bungee cords to windproof your table all day.

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Creating your own flower arrangements is fun and budget-friendly. Handpicked daises look lovely when set in glass vases/jars of alternating sizes and styles. They also are evocative of the jars traditionally to store delicious summer fruit for the winter months.

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When it’s time to eat, forget paper plates or breakable stoneware. Extra-durable enamelware or melamine, like the kind campers use, now comes in a whole host of bright colors and patterns that beg for every day use. Where better than at your last outdoor party of the year?

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Turn your outdoor space into an Instagram-worthy fairyland with some creative lighting options. From simple Christmas lights to inexpensive paper lanterns, try a mix of fun colors and unexpected shapes to give your party a little extra end-of-summer sparkle.

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Now, of course, it’s time for a drink. We love this grown-up lemonade that makes use of fresh-from-the-garden thyme and, of course, vodka. After putting together such a lovely End of Summer Party, you definitely deserve it. Cheers to the end of another wonderful summer and here’s to a great autumn!

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