Scandi Homes with a Boho Twist

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Scandinavian décor revolves around the letter S: sleekness, simplicity, style, sustainability, and symbiosis with the surroundings. Still, a sophisticated Nordic home can lose its original sparkle and charm after a while.


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Once that happens, it’s time to instill your minimalist interiors with a touch of color and interest – unless you’re really looking forward to spending your days in less than suave interiors. When looking to spice up a Scandi-inspired home, turn to boho elements for creative ideas and easy décor fixes. However different, the two styles can be blended to produce a lasting Wow effect – you just need to know how to mix them.

A casual, coarse touch

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Boho-style textiles make excellent accent pieces for Scandinavian-inspired homes, but be careful when choosing patterns and hues to add to your minimalist rooms. A woven tapestry and a few decorative cushions with boho prints will instill warmth and energy in your living room, whereas simplistic ethnic-design linens will add a chic and cozy feel to your boudoir.

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When picking accent fabrics for your Scandi-boho home, you can try mixing different textiles. A knitted blanket, rag rug made from natural fabric, and textured upholstery will all blend in your Nordic home and add a snug, casual vibe to the ambiance indoors.

A charming kitchen-scape

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An all-white kitchen does look clean and airy, but add a few decorative details and you may just pull off a visual masterpiece. To avoid excess visual noise, pair monochromatic wall paint and exposed floorboards with a chic natural stone backsplash or countertop with an innovative print or textural twist. Or, strip the wooden floors and throw in tiles in a subdued hue which you will couple with a casual-looking cabinet or shelving with imaginative pulls or handles.

For bonus visual interest, you can cover storage unit wear-and-tear with contact paper with a two-tone geometric or nature-inspired print. You can also hang a bohemian-style painting or DIY decorative panel on a vacant wall to add character to the kitchen and amp its aesthetic appeal.



Statement experiments

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Vintage armchairs and modernist sectionals will both look at home in a Scandi-boho living room. To achieve a grounded ambiance, pick a statement sofa in dark gray or brown hue, and throw a few cushions with an ethnic print atop to cozy it up. Or, if you really want to amp the eclectic boho vibe in your private space, choose seating with leather upholstery and top it with knitted throws and cushion covers for extra warmth.

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Another simple way to go boho in your Nordic home and add personality to your space is to throw in a couple of modernist chairs which you can top by colorful cushions and animal hides to make a snug backdrop for those lazy Sunday reading sessions.

A well-placed accent


When mixing Nordic and boho, it’s essential to bear in mind the overall ambiance you’re striving to achieve. Modern wallpapers with geometric or nature-inspired print are a simple and cost-efficient way to create an accent wall in a Scandinavian room. In addition to the wide range of playful designs that speak boho loud and proud, you can also pick wall covers crafted from easy-clean materials to minimize maintenance and long-term update costs.

A well-placed accent wall or statement furniture piece will also visually divide your Nordic-style room into separate visual units, which makes them ideal for homeowners whose nests aren’t as generous size-wise.

Chic creative clutter 

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If all else fails, you can always allocate a corner of your room to creative clutter a la eclectic – but before you start scattering around your travel memorabilia, make sure they’re crafted from natural materials. After all, unity with Nature is what Nordic interiors are all about, so don’t ruin the look with cheap details and synthetic textiles.

Scandinavian décors are real eye-candy, but when combined with bohemian-inspired pieces, they will instantly go from eye-catching to awe-inspiring. Good luck!

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