Secrets to Styling a Messy Bed

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 Image: An Indian Summer 

I’ve noticed a common trend in home styling, at least in perfectly styled photographed homes: a messy bed. I’m sure millions of people are rejoicing over the trend and saying “I told you so” to their moms, but this is no teenage messy. In fact, the art of the messy bed is a bit more thoughtful than that. Here are a few ways to style a messy bed and why you should try it out.

Secrets to Styling a Messy Bed

Image: My Scandinavian Home Blog

A messy bed works in a variety of interior styles. Here, the Scandinavian minimal bedroom is enhanced with a messy bed by creating more warmth and texture to a space that could otherwise be a bit too sparse.

Secrets to Styling a Messy Bed

Image: Horyaalada

This rustic bedroom creates an even more casual feel with a duvet plopped on top of the bed. If the linens were perfectly made, it might feel too formal.

Secrets to Styling a Messy Bed

Image: Nos Drift

This gorgeous bohemian bedroom is styled with loads of layered pillows. The height of the pillows is enhanced by the volume created by the layers of throw blankets, which leads me to my number one tip for a messy bed: layer! Layer all those blankets together!

Secrets to Styling a Messy Bed

  1. This clean and modern bedroom features lots of knitted blankets. Each one is laid across the bed at different angles. When trying a messy bed look, arrange your blankets so that they come from different angles in the same way.
  2. Au Lit Fine Linens. An easy tip to achieve the messy bed look? Just have your child hide in it!
  3. Abigail A Hern. If you’re going for a more eclectic look, try using blankets in a range of colors and textures. It will go so well with the mix of furniture styles. Try draping some on the ground.
  4. Just the Design. If you don’t want to go all the way messy, consider getting a velvet or velveteen blanket that when bunched just a little produces a lovely sheen.

Of course, the messy bed look is not preferred by all, but do you dig it? 

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