Seeing Red: 4 Ways to Incorporate Red into Your Décor

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Image: Graham Atkins-Hughes on Milk

Red is one of those colors that people always feel strongly about—you either love it or feel like you’d never use it in your interior décor. There’s very little middle ground, and, while I like to think of myself as an individual who can referee just about any conflict to a positive outcome, I don’t think this is an issue that can be easily resolved. However, I can give you some ideas that will allow anyone—no matter your current feelings about the color red—to find a way to incorporate it into your home.

Be Bold—and Semi-permanent

If you’re a die hard advocate of red and are ready to shout your passion about the hue from the rooftops, well, let’s just say that having a red roof is not recommended. But these red kitchen cabinets may be the way you want to go. As part of an overall color and material palette that leans towards the industrial look, this is the kind of tool-kit red that I really love. And it works great here.

Be Loud—but Temporary

Seeing Red: 4 Ways to Incorporate Red into Your Décor

Image: John Linden on Dwell

If the idea of going red with something as long-term as kitchen cabinets is too much of a commitment for you, think about that old stand by, the accent wall. I’ve lived with a red focus wall in one of my homes, and it was always a conversation starter. As mentioned, red is one of those things everyone seems to have a strong opinion about! If you decide after living with it for a while that it’s not for you, simply repaint.

Be Flexible

Seeing Red: 4 Ways to Incorporate Red into Your Décor

Image: The Garden Apt.

Maybe you really, really like red, but don’t know yet exactly where in your home you want to take the plunge and feature it. Get a red chair (or two) and move it around from room to room until you decide where the color fits best. You’re sure to liven up your spaces while you experiment.

Be Cautious

Seeing Red: 4 Ways to Incorporate Red into Your Décor

Image: Airows

So maybe you don’t love red, or even like it all that much, but your partner has to have it—what to do then? Choose an accessory or two, like a pillow, rug , or piece of artwork that incorporates the color. It won’t take over your room, and it will help keep the peace.

Do you have a strong opinion about using red at home? Share it with us!

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