Shotgun Weddings: Great Design Marriages Between Two Different Styles

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Image: Ion Decorating

The more I explore interior design, the more appreciative I’ve become of those designers who do a great job of bringing two different – and sometimes wildly divergent – styles together to create something wonderful. These mixed marriafor ges are a rarity, but when they are done well there’s nothing I enjoy more.

One of my favorite recent discoveries is the bathroom shown above. With its bright color and big knobs, the cabinetry reads as pure mid-century to me. Pairing that with the industrial feeling of the lighting, subway tiles, and shower surround (all of which is amazing, by the way) does not seem like a natural fit; however, in this space it all works very well together.

Traditional Meets Modern

Image: Desire to Inspire

Here’s a combination that is seen more often than most: traditional paired with modern. Installing a beautifully-crafted modern built-in sideboard in this very traditional niche is a terrific idea (reminiscent of our good friend the fauxdenza. The paint job helps bring these two styles together as well.

Palm Springs Meets Versailles


For the pure fun of having décor that you won’t find replicated everywhere you turn, nothing beats combining two very different styles—but know that the results won’t necessarily be to everyone’s taste. This space brings Palm Springs and Versailles together in a resort hotel suite—a place I could enjoy for a long weekend but might not want to spend a lifetime in.

Farmhouse Meets Modern

Image: Rural Theory

Finally, when thinking about a successful marriage of differing styles, it’s a good idea to consider bringing styles that share some commonalities together. This combination of farmhouse elements – most noticeably the shiplap siding wall-look plus the contrasting kitchen cabinet doors– work amazingly well with the modern elements in the room.

What are your favorite styles to mix?

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