4 Reasons to Embrace Stencils

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Image: Yasseen Faik

Looking for a fun and creative DIY way to help your interior décor stand apart? Look no further than the wonderful world of stencils. If you’re like me, you may have nightmares of tacky stenciled borders at the top of walls that evoke the 1980s. However, you may be pleasantly surprised by what’s possible with today’s stencils.


This well-worn “Welcome” mat consisting of just the word is a minimalist’s dream as well as a terrific twist on the standard way of greeting guests. Of course, when it comes to stenciled messages, you have only your own imagination to limit what’s possible. If you look very closely, you can see “Make Tacos Not War” stenciled below the kitchen window in Barbara Hill’s Marfa retreat (link to: http://interiorcollective.com/lifestyle/relaxed-living-in-one-room). Let your wit and wisdom be seen, after all, it is your home.

Visual Sprinkles

Stencil Border - on The Interior CollectiveImage: Cutting Edge Stencils

Okay, “sprinkles” isn’t a real decorating term, but it does serve to describe the kind of accessorizing you can do with intelligently applied stencils. This bathroom moves from utilitarian to spa-like with the addition of wooden elements and chrysanthemum art (we won’t call this a border).

Provide Focus

4 Reasons to Embrace the Stencil - on The Interior CollectiveImage: HGTV

This stenciled wall area appears simple but gives such amazing character to the space that it’s hard to imagine the wall without it. One key element is that the lighter color used on the wall matches the adjacent painted woodwork, helping the wall design feel completely integrated into the décor.

Set the Tone

4 Reasons to Embrace the Stencil - on The Interior CollectiveImage: Lonny

The stenciled stair treads and door in this space make a clear statement about this home—one that makes me eager to see more. There’s a real sense of energy and creativity on display here, something that sets the tone for the whole house.

How have you used stencils in your home?

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