How To Style A Late Summer Mantel

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Hey there, it's Sara from Twelve On Main.  I am excited to be here today to talk all about late summer mantels!

Well, guess what?  I am going to say it.  Summer is getting ready to say her goodbyes, at least where I live it is.  Our fall starts as soon as September.  But, if you are like me, you want to get the most out of the rest of those lovely late summer days.  Why not change up your décor a bit too?  Today I want to show you how to style a late summer mantel.

Why would you want to style a late summer mantel? Well, it is a great way to transition your space to fall without adding a ton of fall décor.  It is also a great way to introduce some fall décor elements without creating that fall feel.

When I am getting ready to decorate for late summer there are a few things that I like to include:

  1. Sunflowers, or other late summer flowers. They are blooming all around my house right now so why not take advantage!
  2. Wooden elements
  3. Antlers
  4. Candles

These are not hard and fast rules, but adding just a few of these to your décor will add a touch of warmth as well as some texture to your space.

There are a few things to think about when styling any mantel.  I like to add something tall near the center.  Once that piece is in place (this would be my antique day bed headboard and LAKE sign) I like to add items along both sides that will balance each other out.  I rarely use the exact piece on both sides, which you can do.  I like to add something large on one side, and then balance it with maybe 1 medium 1 small or 2 medium items.

I used 1 large crock on one side, and 2 smaller pitchers on the other side.

Here is how I used these items to style my summer mantel.  I love adding fresh clippings of greenery.  I used lilac clippings in my farmhouse pitchers and crocks to add some fresh summer appeal, making sure to balance a number of clippings in each. What about that fun hat? I threw that up on a whim, but loved the way it looked!

Now, just by changing out a few things, I can style a late summer mantel with ease.

I took out the greenery, and replaced it with some faux and real sunflowers.  I loved the look of the different shades of sunflowers.

Next, I added a few wooden elements with some of my birch candlesticks.  The touch of raw wood definitely adds to the semi-late summer.

Last I added a deer antler to the front of the LAKE sign which I decided to keep, because I am just in love with it.  Plus deer antlers are indicative of the fall, so they can help transition your space.  You can use real or faux antlers and get the same effect.

See how simple that was?  It seriously only took me about 10 minutes to change things out!  I love my late summer mantel.  If you are looking for a great way to update your space, try adding a few of these elements and warm up in preparation for fall.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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