Stylish Ways to Display Your Record Collection

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Whether you’re a long-time vinyl junkie or a casual record collector, it’s now possible to display your LP collection more stylishly than ever before. Gone are the days of milk crates and IKEA Expedit shelves. Designers have taken note of the craze for all things vinyl and are creating beautifully designed high-end cabinetry for the express purpose of storing and displaying vinyl LPs. Now you can admire your record collection like the treasure it is by giving it a place of honor in your home. Below are some of our favorite looks for showing off your amazing taste in music (and design!) 

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Large collections don’t need to look cluttered. Simple square shelves are classic for storing records. Keep the profile low for a modern look.

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Simple but oh-so-beautiful, the retro-inspired record cabinet above is the handiwork of Killscrow, a creative team working out of Ojai, California. Each cabinet ordered is handmade and customizable in both size and wood choice, with each drawer holding about 70 LPs. 

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Would you believe this folded record bureau is made out of one solid band of wood? Or that it has a vintage (and functioning) 1958 Bang and Olufsen record player embedded in the top? It’s almost too cool to be real. The pocket on the end is for storing audio magazines. 

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This groovy record stand mimics the look of a store display right in your own home, but the tiny footprint will work in even the tiniest apartment. It may look mini, but this mod stand can hold up to 300 records. Plus, think of all the fun you’ll have arranging your LPs for the most attractive cover art collage ever. 

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If you’re not one for showing off cover art and are just looking for a chic way to keep LPs off the floor, try floating shelves. They’re a simple yet effective way to display your records and keep them within reach at the same time. 

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Of course all true record lovers know that the most-listened to LPs end up leaning against the outside of the record cabinet eventually, so you may as well make sure that cabinet is as perfectly proportioned as this one.


Have you worked your record collection into your design scheme?

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