TECHNIQUE TIP: Geometric Shape

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Photo courtesy of Design Public.

Whether it’s subtle and unassuming or bold and deliberate, the use of shape in interior design can greatly impact the mood, tone and look of a room. Ranging from abstract to organic, the types of shapes homeowners and interiors designers turn to can vary based on desired effect, but if you’re looking to delve deeply into the design technique, geometric shapes are the best option.

Geometric shape, which is any variation of lines, angles or curves, can be woven into any design scheme with enough thought, creativity and preparation, and we’ve pulled together 5 clever ways to use geometric shape in your home.


•    Use shape to emphasize unique architecture, like this island that corresponds to the angles of the kitchen. Photo courtesy of John Kraemer and Sons.


•    Look to patterned wallpaper and rugs to easily add geometric shapes to your design. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Dinkel Design.


•    Looking to add drama with geometry? Go big with statement pieces like this bookcase. Photo courtesy of Fitting.


•    Simplicity is key when using this technique, but don’t be afraid to mix geometrical shape to add intensity. Photo courtesy of Carson Poetzl.


•    Color and shape can give a room a major dose of style and personality as long as bold geometrical pieces are accents against a neutral, natural space, and not the dominant feature. Photo courtesy of Mexican Design Architecture.

Have you ever used shape in an interesting or unique way? Tell us how in the comments below!


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