The Modern Rocking Chair

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The rocking chair is a classic piece of Americana. Wood framed and deceptively simple in construction, rocking chairs are rarely associated with anything but a child’s nursery or grandmother’s living room.

This is not your grandmother’s rocking chair - and it’s not just for the nursery either. This is the stylishly improved, yet still unbelievably soothing piece of modern furniture everyone is lusting over for interiors.

@CaesarstoneUS #rockingchair #Quartz #Caesarstone #InteriorDesign(Photo via Vtwonen)

Seamless Scandinavian style isn’t without its quirks. This chair adds some movement and looks great with the lofted ceilings.


@CaesarstoneUS #rockingchair #Quartz #Caesarstone #InteriorDesign(Photo via Mad About the House)

Lounges for the outdoors! Colorful and comfortable, your old lounges will pale in comparison to these rocking beauties.


@CaesarstoneUS #rockingchair #Quartz #Caesarstone #InteriorDesign(Photo via Bloglovin)

A little living room can go a long way when you diversify seating options. This room also features the double coffee table trend we’re loving right now.


@CaesarstoneUS #rockingchair #Quartz #Caesarstone #InteriorDesign(Photo via Sukio)

Mixing glam, vintage and modern into one space with the extra bonus of a rocking chair.

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