Transforming A Dated Wet Bar Into A Home Office

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Part of the fun of renovating super dated spaces is coming up with imaginative solutions to strange layouts that serve no purpose for the modern home owner. Since remodeling is our full time gig, we come across these situations ALL. THE. TIME.

The most recent offender: a small wet bar in a living room—complete with a miniature sink and built-in wine racks. Now I understand that this was “high fashion” in the 70’s and 80’s, but when the living room couch is equidistant between the minibar and the kitchen, can we say that two sinks are better than one? Um…No; just no. Additionally, this particular home was only 1,300-square-feet, which meant every area needed to be utilized efficiently. Although my husband wanted the prestige and pomp that necessarily comes with owning an 80’s minibar, we decided to transform the awkward spot into a more useful space—an office nook!

The first step was to completely gut the little niche and start fresh. Since there used to be sink, we had to cap off all the plumbing as well as retexture and paint the lower half. As I mentioned in last week’s article, NEVER throw left over materials away! By using only scraps from other projects, we were able to create a desktop (leftover pieces from the IKEA butcher bock), two upper shelves and a textured backing with some left over white washed wall boards.

From there, we simply added some under mount lighting, an additional desk, and some floating IKEA boxes to really tie the whole space together. With a little creativity and some leftover pieces, we were able to add a whole new function to our tiny space and spend next to nothing!


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