Trend Alert: Weavings

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Have you noticed how the 70s are back with a vengeance? With everything from macramé to plant hangings to weavings! It seems like these days just about everyone weaves. BUT, what I like to see is that the new weaving comes in modern color palettes, thus making it refreshing. There are a number of tutorials out that teach you how to make them for yourself and there are a lot of workshops and shops selling them handmade. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Etsy. Jujujust is a maker who sells her handmade weavings on her Etsy shop. She creates wall hangings, jewelry, bags, and pompoms so there’s something for everyone. And check out her Instagram where she showcases the gorgeous colors and materials. The success of her weavings is in the fun color choices in bright neon.
  2. Bloesem Shop. These tapestries by Australian Natalie Miller are gorgeously created in bright colors. She marries the ancient technique into a modern language so that it fits into any home. These are some that she will be teaching in a workshop in Singapore with Bloesem in June.
  3. A Beautiful Mess. A Beautiful Mess teaches weaving 101 with this tutorial. It’s great for someone looking to learn the basics!
  4. The Design Files. Natalie Miller’s Australian studio features her creations including macramé and wall hangings. What I would do to take a peek!  Trend Alert: Weavings
  5. Etsy. This handmade wall weaving is by Brooklyn-based artist, Melissa Washin, who sells her work on her Etsy shop, She Loves Life. Hers are more minimal with fewer colors, but still just as pretty.
  6. Etsy. Here’s a close up of Jujujust’s weaving. The unique shapes will be instant conversation starters!
  7. Sara Plath. If you prefer to do it yourself and use it for practical purposes, this DIY woven rug is the thing for you! Sarah Plath made a very informative tutorial on her blog that teaches you everything. I love how she used a variety of textures into it to create so much visual interest.
  8. Etsy. String hangings are also becoming quite popular as well. This macramé string wall hanging by Slow Down Productions is hand-dyed and can be customized!

Are you a fan of this trend? 

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