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I don’t know what is in the blogland water the last few weeks but it seems like everywhere I turn people are speculating about The New Chevron. What pattern is going to be next to take over every room in our house, every tape dispenser in the country, and every maxi skirt walking down the street?

Up First is the Polygon/Hexagon Movement

Honeycomb Hexagon Wall
Image: Vintage Revivals

If I were the betting kind this is where I would put my money. I think that anything geometric is hot and people are excited about it. This wall is a project that I did in my daughter’s room.

Polka Dots

Pokka Dots
Image: Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy coined this pattern as the next big thing in January. While I think its fantastic, I don’t know if the Pinterest masses are embracing it the way it was originally thought.


Image: Vintage Revivals

I LOVE a good tribal triangle pattern (like this one that I did in my living room with a Sharpie!) but I don’t know if it has the ability to meld into a zillion different decorating styles the way chevron has.


Painterly Trend
Images: (Left) society6, (Right) Element of Styles

Now THIS is a fun trend that I am itching to try. I love thing that have that “No matter how hard you try to screw this up, you cant vibe.

The thing is I don’t know if anything will have the muscle to do it. I think that chevron will likely die a slow slow death and while other patterns will rise but never to the height of the master. The reason the chevron was so hugely embraced is because it is an easy pattern to recreate. It’s like catching lightning in a jar. The perfect storm. (You get where I am going with this right?)

Now I really want to know what pattern YOU are obsessed with right now? Leave your answer below!

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