Trend Tracker: The Woodland Creatures

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Usually when the trend winds of change are a-blowin, they make a slight shift from the previous trend. Think birds to feathers, chevron to herringbone and then to arrows. That is one way to predict what is on the horizon. (Now you will totally look like a genius to your friends!)

The bird trend was H.U.G.E. around about 2009. Put a bird on it was more than just a craft mania. It was like a religion. The natural outgrowth of that is what we will lovingly refer to as the owl obsession. Running along the same parallel is the taxidermy/faux taxidermy trend. As these trends are being lived out and people are hunting for the next big thing, the natural outgrowth is woodland creatures.

Woodland creatures consist of everything from foxes to hedgehogs to porcupines to squirrels. Basically, if it lives in the forest and can be perceived as adorable it counts.

Like this hedgehog pillow by Laura Frisk

Thrift Store
Image: Laura Frisk

An easy way to bring some whimsy and a pop of color into your decor, is to hit up your favorite thrift store and spray paint a furry friend statue.

Image: Found Here

When you put interesting art on your walls, it makes people take a step in and really look at it. Throwing something unexpected in to your space throws the design off balance a little and makes it memorable. And my friends, memorable is good.

Image: Buy Here
bird vignette
Image: Found Here
Image: Found Here

Doesn't this make you want to go and adopt a chipmunk? What do you think the next animal trend is?

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