Unique Uses of Caesarstone

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Created by Jaime Hayon. Photo from Deezen

While Caesarstone is typically associated with kitchens and baths, we are always thrilled to see the more unique uses of Caesarstone quartz. From Caesarstone swings to Caesarstone jewelry, the uses are only limited to the imagination.

Earth, Kitchen by Tom Dixon. Photo from Deezen

Air, Kitchen by Tom Dixon. Photo from Deezen

Wind, Kitchen by Tom Dixon. Photo from Deezen

Fire, Kitchen by Tom Dixon. Photo from Deezen

Milan Design Week is where we get to have a little fun with Caesarstone quartz! Last year, Tom Dixon created four Caesarstone kitchens inspired by the elements and this year, we are excited to partner with Jaime Hayon, a Spanish designer popular for his interesting museum art pieces.

Created by Jaime Hayon. Photo from Deezen

Jaime created a Caesarstone mask, made from different patterns and colors. The finished piece is both beautiful and thought provoking:

"Masks are usually envisaged as something behind which you cover yourself. Instead, this piece is both a mask and a mirror," says Hayon.

Another fun use of Caesarstone quartz, not typically your most flexible material, is a jewelry box, created by Nir Meiri Design Studio. Precision is key and we are so impressed by the creator’s detail and hand in this work of art.

Didn’t believe us when we said Caesarstone swings? Best believe now! Philippe Malouin was the genius behind this quirky, fun design. What better way to decide on a slab than to sit with it for a while? This installation has swung around the world in Canada, Milan, and, of course, the USA!

We’re doubly inspired by the graceful lines and vibrant Concetto Profundo on this sculpture by Zicana. Semi-precious stone for a very precious piece.

Finally, Caesarstone as a cornerstone of living room design (Ha! Two puns in one word! Corner…Stone…). This corner of stone is truly magnificent, contrasting the natural burls of the wood grain and Caesarstone Concetto Sirena lines.

We are excited for Milan Design Week 2017 and can’t wait to see Jaime’s vision come to life!

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