Using Art in Kitchens & Baths

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Art is a great way to express your personality, style, and mood. I find the most interesting people have the best art collection, and a well-curated one can set the perfect mood in your kitchen or bath. Whether you want your room to be a place for day-dreaming, giggles, or thought-provoking conversations, art can do just that. Get inspired to create your own gallery of creativity with these stylish kitchens and bathrooms.

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The use of metallic and bold framed art can add a touch of vintage to your bathroom. Use white fixtures and neutral wall colors to tone it down and keep it looking modern and fresh. The art will pop!

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Art can liven up and add personality to any space.  In this quirky bathroom, the large photo of the woman in goggles and the surrounding eclectic art creates a feel-good atmosphere.

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The use of black paint in the bathroom is a bold choice and not for the faint of heart. The addition of fun animal art in this sophisticated bathroom complements the black and white color patterns so as to not be too hard on the eyes.

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This kitchen design is classic, with its black and white color palette and pops of red and green. The large art is curated to fit the space and is the perfect addition: sophisticated with a classic color scheme.

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The gallery of art in this farmhouse kitchen creates a light and airy space. The island wrapped in wood planks and the vintage drawer handles further accentuate this design style.

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #interiordesign #decor #kitchen #bath #art #wallart #quartz(Via Style at Home)

Here’s another bright, colorful kitchen. The large art piece makes a huge statement and looks great atop this banquette. It’s always a good idea to pull colors from your art and use them around the room.

You can easily change the ambience of any room by simply putting new art on the walls. Use it as inspiration when creating your color schemes and choosing design elements. Carefully consider how you want to feel when you walk into a room and make your choices that way. If you’re already lucky enough to have a great collection, move some pieces around your home to create a new experience for you and your guests.

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