Using Open Shelving in the Kitchen

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If you’re like me, you love drooling over images of kitchens with seamless shelves built-in to display gorgeous dishware. But, is it practical to have open shelving in a kitchen? It depends on who you ask.

Brighter, larger kitchen. While having upper cabinets can provide more storage, removing the doors or replacing cabinets with free-standing shelves, can give the kitchen a sense of openness, while making it look brighter and feel a lot larger.

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Dust. One downside to open shelving is that you have to be more diligent in keeping the shelves clean and organized. Consider using your shelves to display items that would get used often. This way you’ll be able to keep a handle on any dust that could accumulate.

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Organization. Having open shelving can help you stay organized. By having your most used dishware on display, you’ll be forced to put items back where they belong. Display matching dishware or ones that are unique and/or pretty.

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Food storage. You can also use your shelves to store food in glass canisters and jars. These are great for those items that look great displayed, like pastas, beans, and rice.

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Inexpensive. Choosing free-standing shelves, instead of cabinets, take less time, effort, and money to install. New cabinets are pricey and usually account for a hefty percentage of kitchen renovation budgets. Open shelving on just one wall can give you extra spending money to splurge on appliances, fun kitchen gadgets, and/or gorgeous cabinet hardware.

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I hope you’ve gotten some ideas for incorporating free-standing shelves in your kitchen. For me, the benefits of using open shelving to make a kitchen feel bigger, more welcoming, and help keep you organized, gets me excited enough to want to install them in my own kitchen.

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