10 Inspiring White Kitchens

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White interiors have been all the rage as of late and the kitchen has not been left untouched. It seems that every time I “pin” a kitchen on Pinterest, it just happens to be white. I think the reason for the white trend in kitchens is that it should be the most hygienic room in the house and white evokes cleanliness and freshness, just how your food should be, right? As it turns out, white quartz countertops just so happen to be Caesarstone’ specialty and if I had the ability to renovate a rental, I’d be all for it. I’ve noticed some ways to successfully use white in a kitchen. Let’s go:

All Over White

All Over White
Images: (Left) At Hermans, (Right) Pinterest

An all-white interior is not uncommon in Scandinavia, from where I recently moved. It’s quite common to create sparse living quarters accentuated by this fresh color. Though I’ve been in places that feel sterile, the look is usually most successful when it’s warmed up with wooden textures and a couple shades of white to add depth.

Open Shelving

Open shelving in Kitchen
Images: (Top Left) Aesthetically Thinking, (Top Right) Lonny, (Bottom Left) Pinterest, (Bottom Right) Remodelista

Shelving left open is another kitchen trend that I’ve been adoring lately and I think it’s especially successful in white interiors. The appearance of the kitchen products, thus, take center stage and add some variety to the environment. Otherwise, the space could be a bit boring.

Pop of Metallic

Pop of metallic in a kitchen
Image: (Left) Marion WD, (Right) Marion WD

Another way to successfully achieve an all-white kitchen is adding in a dash of metallic. The metallic can add a nice punch to the room and again, like the open shelving, create more interest in the room. Here on the right we see the copper pendant adding that focal point. On the left, we see the shelving unit and pendant adding in the pop of metallic that adds some much needed layers to the space.

Accentuate the light

Emphasize Light
Image: Pinterest

White is a fresh color and it is accentuated even more when combined with light. If you are a lover of light (I adjust my seat according to where the sun touches each room in the house), then white can be the perfect reflector.

Thoughts on white kitchens? Too overdone now? Not enough? Just right?

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