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I recently moved from Copenhagen, Denmark, a land full of beautiful design. It took me a while to figure out the key to Danish design but ultimately I found it starts with taking a sparse space with wood paneled flooring, painting it all white, and adding in beautiful furniture, more specifically chairs. The chair is the culminating piece to a room and the forte of Danish designers. Chairs are an important element in Danish culture because they bring people together and because they often reflect their tradition of great woodworking.

I’ve carried this knowledge with me to my new home in America and have noticed that if you have nothing else of worth in your home, a chair will ground the space and create soul. There are so many wonderful chairs out right now that can create a wonderful focal point to your space. Let’s check some of my favorites out:

Leather floral chair:

A plain leather chair is typical, but add in sculpted flowers and you’ve got a conversation piece.

Three seater:

This three seater chair is a fun alternative to a sofa, yet compact enough to act as a chair.

Marble chair:

Ok, so not totally comfortable, but it’s very clever.

Plastic colorful chair:

A fun accent chair for a more boho space.

Green chair:

These would be wonderful around a dining table.

Wooden rocker chair:

This rocker is a modern day mama’s chair for the minimalist. Leave it on it’s own for shock value.

Turquoise peacock chair:

This chair screams attention. If this is the only piece of furniture in a room of value, that’s all you need.

Pink iron chair:

A modern day throne.

Mid-century modern chair:

This chair, designed by the Swedish Carl Acking, is distinctively mid-century and would be lovely in the corner of a living room.

Gold chair:

The distinction in this chair is not just the plain shape, but the lovely texture of the gold and the shine it creates.

What’s your favorite statement chair?

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