11 Reasons to Love the Classic Wishbone Chair

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Image: 139 Hudson Street

The Danes certainly know how to produce a good chair! For such a small country, they seem to claim a majority of the most famous and iconic chairs in history. I’ve mentioned my love for the Panton cantilever chair and now it’s time to gush over the classic Wishbone Chair. Designed by Hans Wegner in 1949, it was the first collaboration he did with maker Carl Hansen, who has produced the chair since then. The inspiration comes from a wishbone, yet the graceful curvature of the legs and back illustrate the skill and thoughtfulness of the designer. The chair remains just as popular today as it was then and beautifully adds to any room. Let me show you how.

11 Reasons to Love the Classic Wishbone Chair on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Janne Peters; (2) Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair; (3) fjellyb; (4) SF GIRL BY BAY; (5) Architecture Art Design; (6) seesaw

  1. In this modern setting, the chair could be cold and minimal, but with the addition of sheepskins it is now cozy and comfortable.
  2. Such a classic chair could be seen as expected, but add some spice with a different color selection like peacock blue (see more color options below).
  3. The new way to use the Wishbone Chair is in a minimal setting. The black is a nice option for this type of setting.
  4. If you want to add some variety to the chair, try adding on some cushion covers.
  5. A simple black and white space is offset with the unexpected usage of sea foam Wishbone Chairs.
  6. Try mixing up your styles by adding in a few other types of chairs.
  7. (top image) The classic all-wood chair is a lovely option for a more eclectic vibe.

11 Reasons to Love the Classic Wishbone Chair on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Danish Design Store; (2) Overstock; (3) Remodelista; (4) Pure Home

There are a lot of color options to try out with a variety of seat colors too:

  1. Try a mint with a white seat
  2. A red with a natural seat
  3. Deep jade with a white seat
  4. Yellow with a natural seat

Do you have a favorite chair? What is it?

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