12 Fun Patterned Runners

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Image: West Elm 

Hallways and long, narrow spaces can feel unfinished, undecorated, and forgotten. It’s easy to perk these utilitarian spaces up though, just by adding a fun, patterned runner! Below are a dozen of the best ones out there, in a range of styles, colors, and prices, so you’re sure to find a winner among them for your home.

12 Fun Patterned Runners

Images: (1) Anthropologie (2) Lulu & Georgia (3) IKEA (4) West Elm (5) Target (6)Lulu & Georgia (7) CB2 (8) Anthropologie (9) Sundance (10) Crate & Barrel (11) West Elm (12) Scandinavian Design Center

  1. Perhaps the cheeriest runner in existence!
  2. Off-center zigs and zags bring movement and interest.
  3. Affordable and cute? A winning combination.
  4. Natural fibers in neutral colors, but with that large-scale pattern, it’s far from basic.
  5. A colorful, modern take on a traditional suzani pattern.
  6. The colors feel at once very now, and very retro. That peach in there among the greens and blues is perfect.
  7. This black and white design is based on sound waves (hence its name: reverb).
  8. Such an unusual color palette! And the asymmetrical pattern is a nice touch, too.
  9. A new kilim based on an antique rug design, with lovely muted colors.
  10. You can never go wrong with black and white stripes in a home.
  11. The traditional Moroccan rug, updated with a multi-colored design and fringed tassels.
  12. An indoor/outdoor rug stands up to the toughest of living, and the stem pattern is charming.

Which runner would you want to add to your home?

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  1. Great selection. All are very nice. Depending on individual’s style/color choices of course. For myself, NO browns, beiges …. anything inbetween ….. NONE. I cannot live with non-cheery shades. Makes for bla decorating. Bold colorful patterns are a win. Fabrics/materials are important. You must consider upkeep …. hopefully machine washable. All our area rugs are mw. I love cotton throw rugs to use in various spaces. They do cause slipping though. With kiddos and pets, always a bit difficult to have clean anything.

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