13 Hallway Mirrors to Match Your Style

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There are a few essential items that every living space should have. One of those is a hallway mirror. A mirror placed right in the intersection of heavy traffic or by the door is practical for rushed exits or fixing yourself up for the deliveryman. It’s also a great way elevate a room and create a stylized vignette and focal point. Here are some of my favorite ways to use a hallway mirror and why they work.

13 Hallway Mirrors to Match Your Style

  1. SF Girl by Bay. This hallway mirror is long and slender, and lengthens the feel of the room.
  2. Domaine Home. This mirror becomes a part of a larger series of paintings in this gallery-styled wall grouping.
  3. This lean hallway is accented with an equally lean table and round mirror that makes a statement.
  4. Hooked on Houses. A large mirror is great for viewing the full body and is helpful in creating a more spacious feel to a room.
13 Hallway Mirrors to Match Your Style
  1. Domaine Home. This bamboo mirror adds visual interest in the intricate detailing. The gold plays well with the mix of textures in the vignette.
  2. Harper and Hugo. This more simple, country hallway features a lovely wooden mirror, which is accented with the other woods in the space. Try it with a pair of lampshades on either side to create a cozy welcome.
  3. Gubi. This round mirror is both minimal and decorative, and feels refreshing in the space.
  4. Home Beautiful. This gallery of mirrors is a quirky way to bring in light and visual aesthetics.
13 Hallway Mirrors to Match Your Style
  1. Cozy Cottage Cute. This window paned mirror is perfect for a more country-styled interior.
  2. Liz Marie Blog. The black accessories in this room, like the mirror, furniture, and lamp, create a lovely contrast against the white floors, walls, and stairs. It’s perfect for a minimalist palette.
  3. Cotede Texas. This more traditional vignette features a centered, gold-leafed mirror with symmetrical paintings on either side.
  4. My Design Chic. This long mirror features little framing so it creates a minimalist and modern feel.

(top image) A circular mirror framed by a leather-hanging device is a perfect addition to a modern home.

What’s your favorite style of mirrors?


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