3 Things You Should Be Buying in Thrift Stores

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Konnichiwa friends. I am Mandi the Thrift Store ninja and I am here to teach you my thrifting ways. Thrifting can be a little intimidating if you are a newbie. I mean, there are a few facts that just cannot be overlooked. 1. Thrift stores smell weird. I don't know why, but they always do. 2. You are buying someone else’s cast offs, crap they no longer want for lack of a better term. 3. There is just SO much stuff. How do you know what has potential and what is not awesome? This is what we are going to talk about today (because I cant really do anything about the smell.)

Often times accessorizing a house can be just as expensive as furnishing it, especially if you have shelves to fill. Here are 3 things that you absolutely should be buying at a thrift store to save money as you are accessorizing.


Book Shelves
Image: Vintage Revivals

Hardcover books can be very expensive. By all means, if you are buying the books to read, you should buy those online or from a book store. But if you are buying solely to decorate, hit up your local Goodwill and save some serious cash. Most hardbound books are priced around $2.00 each, and every once in a while you get lucky and someone has donated their grandma’s entire collection of Readers Digest and they will drop the price even lower.

Brass Statues

Brass Apple
Image: Vintage Revivals

Its true, I am a sucker for brass. I think that almost all rooms can benefit from a small brass creature living in it. Its a great way to add a little metallic and warmth. In my book the more random the statue the better. Something that throws the design off kilter a little bit and adds randomness to the space is a win win. Its interesting, it makes people step in for a closer looks, and why you have a brass unicorn in your living room is a great conversation starter.

Ceramic Creatures

Turtle Bank
Image: Vintage Revival

One of my favorite things to put in a room is an accessory that is a solid pop of color. Finding a statue at the thrift store and spray painting is an awesome way to do this. Look for things that have interesting shapes and details that will still show once painted. A coat of white will immediately up the chic meter, while a pop of color makes it more playful and fun.

Next time you stop by your local thrift store I hope that you will see that horrendous dog statue for what it can be instead of just the beastly thing that it is right now.

What are your must buy thrifting goods?

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  1. I buy books to decorate with at garage sales & thrift shops too. Books are so underused in the design world.

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