4 Modern Houseboat Designs

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Image: Benjamin Benschneider for The Seattle Times

I’ve seen beautiful homes situated near oceans, lakes and rivers – those kinds of locations lend themselves to the affluent. So it’s no surprise when you see a well designed home with a water view. But when I think of houseboats, I have always tended to picture more egalitarian abodes. These examples leave behind any preconceptions about what’s possible when it comes to homes that actually float on water.

Open Plan

This home (shown above) on Lake Union near Seattle features an expanse of space in the kitchen and living area, like you might expect in any modern house. The top-notch kitchen is a far cry from the traditional galley style found in most water-based transport.

Industrial Style

Industrial Houseboat
Image: Jansje Klazinga on Desire to Inspire

What could be more in step with houseboat living than industrial styling of its interior décor? This bathroom, on a houseboat in Amsterdam, strikes a wonderful balance of modern and industrial.

Artistic Mystery

Dark Wood Houseboat
Image: Richard Powers on Planete Deco

The darker paint, wooden pieces, and intriguing art in this houseboat’s workspace in Paris shows that houseboat living is as open to the tastes of a designer as any other home.

Modern Minimalism

Zen Houseboat
Image: Welcome Beyond on Yatzer

The low silhouette of these furnishings brings a very Zen approach to the interior of this Berlin-based houseboat. Not only does this maximize the water view, but it provides a great counterpoint to the exposed engineering of the structure. It’s very relaxing, and isn’t that what you’d expect for a home on the water.

What kinds of houseboat design have you seen?

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