4 Interior Spaces Inspired by the Ballet

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Images: (left) Sea of Girasoles; (right) The House That Lars Built

Ballet is one of those art forms that leave me breathless and awe-struck. The way the dancers beautifully manipulate their bodies with such grace and control, the way the costumes move with each leap, the way the sets capture the scene. All of these visual elements create a feast for the eyes and a sense of wonderment that you don’t often get in an everyday space. However, I believe every space can have that sense of magic—a space so beautiful it takes your breath away. In that spirit, I’ve paired up interiors inspired by ballet to serve as a beacon of beauty, and possibly serve as inspiration for your home renovation or a simple change of décor.

Above, a ballet dancer set in a wintry mix of all white and a touch of gold influences an interior designed with all white furniture and dashes of gold in the lighting and accessories. The metallic gold reads as elegant in comparison to the simple furniture.

4 Interior Spaces Inspired by the Ballet on the Interior CollectiveImages: (left) Balletomana; (right) Lonny

Above, this dancer en pointe dressed in all black feeds a white swan and inspires a living room with a black elaborate chandelier, all white walls, and a fireplace with accents of black furniture. It’s clean and sophisticated, modern yet traditional.

4 Interior Spaces Inspired by the Ballet on the Interior CollectiveImages: (left) The J. Crew Archives; (right) Inspired Design

These dancers lined up at the barre are cozy in various shades of pastel sweaters. Their attire transfers to the all pastel dining and living space with touches of mint (including candles on the crystal chandelier) and dashes of coral. It’s romantic, sweet, and restrained.

4 Interior Spaces Inspired by the Ballet on the Interior CollectiveImages: (left) Rubik Art; (right) This Ivy House

This bevy of black and white ballerinas in full tutus inspires a moody living space with fancy details like a luscious animal throw, detailed statement chair, and antlers hung on the wall.

How do you bring magic into your space?

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