5 Autumn Color Palettes

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I like to think of the fall and winter seasons as a time to get creative with my home décor. It allows me to get outside of my instinctual comfort zone and try out some new ideas and color palettes. Naturally, I’m inclined to warmer palettes like pinks, reds, and yellows, but the fall allows me to explore the moodier sides I’m also attracted to but rarely explore. Now is the time to focus on the darker tones with rich textures. Here are some color palettes to consider in your interiors.

5 Autumn Color Palettes


  1. Sfgirlbybay. (top left) Shades of dusty purples and blue cool tones. Admittedly, purple is not a go-to color for me, but when it’s combined with various similar shades like moody blues and dusty purples it can be so lovely and rich. Add some living green plants into the mix and the space feels soothing, relaxing and earthy. Perfect for staying indoors during the colder months.
  2. Harper's Bizarre. (top right) On the opposite side of these cool tones are the rich tones of autumns. Like the falling leaves the colors include rich browns verging on the side of plums, shades of minks and tones of browns, and dashes of yellows with a touch of red. Together, these feel perfectly in tune to an autumn feel. You can add in the touches of bright colors in the accessories like flowers and throw pillows.
  3. Room-Temperature. (bottom left) One of my ways to ring in the colder months is with leathers and rich blues like this interior scene. The rich red-brown leather of the chair warms up the space as contrasted against the white wall. The rich, blue-grey chairs contrasts nicely and cools down the color. Add in some lighter tones with browns and a touch of grey.
  4. Etsy. (bottom right) Create some little vignettes with shades of metallic like golds, bronzes, and whites. Dark tones like blacks and navys create a lovely background.
  5. (top image) Greys, blues, taupes and a touch of color. I love this neutral scene, which relies on textures and patterns to add variation and interest. The mix of greys, blues and taupes is relaxing and peaceful. Visual interest is added with a pop of color in the garland.

What are your favorite palettes for fall? 

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