5 Steps To An Organized Kitchen

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Hi there, Caesarstone readers! I'm Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog, where I write about creating a beautiful and organized home. I'm delighted to be featured on the Caesarstone blog today to talk about one of my very favorite things-- kitchen organization!

Since the kitchen tends to be the heart of the home, it has always been important to me for it to be uncluttered and organized in order to create a welcoming environment for family and guests. (And so I can always find what I'm looking for!)

As I've organized different kitchens over the years, I've come up with five steps that I always go through to make sure my spaces are as functional as possible.

1. Streamline Your Supplies

This is the most important step by far. If I'm feeling like my kitchen is becoming cluttered and full, it's often because I'm trying to cram too many items into my cabinets and drawers. I try to purge often, clearing out any small appliances I may have doubles of or gadgets that I rarely use.

It's tempting to hold on to things I might use "someday," but the reality is, I'll probably never actually need that item. I honestly can't think of one thing that I've purged and regretted later!

2. Determine Item Placement by Activity

Once my kitchen supplies are streamlined, I try put each item close to where my family members and I will use it most. Oven mitts go in a drawer next to the range. Kids' plates and cups go down low so my boys can reach them without assistance. I'm not very tall, so items I use often go on lower shelves, while less-used items go higher up, etc.

Everyone's preferences will vary based on their individual needs, but when items are in a convenient location, they're easier to grab AND we're more likely to put them back where they go so we can keep our kitchen neat and tidy.

3. Corral Like Items

Another thing that helps me keep the kitchen organized is to corral like items in a bin or container. This helps to keep everything in its place and helps shelves and drawers to stay more organized in the long run.

I also like to use trays to corral items on the kitchen countertops. This helps keep the counters looking neat and tidy, and if I ever want to clear the counters completely, it's easy to just pick up the tray and tuck it out of sight.

4. Make the Most of Pantry Space

An organized pantry can play a huge role in the overall organization of the kitchen. Like I mentioned above, I like to corral like items in bins or baskets to keep them together. I use items like risers or lazy susans to maximize shelf space, and I label as much as possible. This helps everyone in the family to easily see where everything goes so they can put items back in the correct spot.

5. Get Creative

Finally, sometimes you have to get creative! Our last house was a small townhouse, and no matter how much I purged and reorganized, I couldn't seem to make our teeny tiny pantry work the way we needed it to. I finally had the idea to convert a nearby closet into a pantry instead, and we instantly gained a ton of extra space.

In that same townhouse, I brought a small desk into the kitchen to provide more prep space. In the past, I've used rolling carts to add some extra storage when space was limited. There are many different ways to think outside the box to create a more functional kitchen space.

Kitchens can certainly be a challenge to keep organized, but they're not impossible! By taking the time to follow these simple steps, a kitchen can be made much more functional without a ton of effort.

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