6 Color Schemes Based on Animals

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Nature is a great place to find color inspiration. It's full of unique combinations no matter where you look. From trees to plants to water, there's no shortage of beautiful blends of shades, textures and hues. But the true color stars of the natural world? Animals. Here are six rooms that took their color inspiration from animals.

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Tiles mimic the look of scales, so dive to the ocean for your color inspiration.

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By not only taking inspiration from the animal, but also their natural surroundings, you can get so many different pops of color that naturally go together.

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For a more neutral room, find inspiration in the majestic beauty of the horse. Use different shades of brown to create a harmonious and stunning space. You can even add a framed piece of horse art to tie it all together.

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Foxes are known for the sumptuous colors of their fur, so naturally a room based on the combination of reds, oranges, browns and whites will look lovely, too

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Parakeets come in all different colors, but we're going to focus on the combination of blue and green. Choose one as the main color and add accent pieces in the other shade. You’ll know what to expect and your color scheme will naturally work well.

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All-pink rooms can be overwhelming, but pink is a great accent in a black and white room. It adds just the right amount of flamingo flare without being over-the-top.

Which animal do you find your inspiration in?

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