6 Design Savvy Chairs For Your Office

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Images : (Left) Decor 8, (Right) Seventy Nine Ideas

Why is it that so often furniture designed to be ergonomic is not also pleasant to look at? It might contour your back perfectly or have the all the gadgets and gizmos to raise you up and down and all around, but if it’s not beautiful, it will detract from a your working space. We just cannot have that now, can we?

Task chairs are meant to do just that: tasks. Sometimes they’re set on casters for easy mobility around the office. Sometimes they’re designed in big proportions to illicit intimidation in a meeting. Whatever look and feel you’re going for, there is a task chair to satisfy you’re needs and add beauty to your space. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites:

Task Chairs Multiple
Images: (1) 1st Dibs, (2) Odelberg Olsen, (3) Houzz, (4) Furnitureland South, (5) Furnitureland South, (6) 1st Dibs

  1. Vintage wood industrial office chair. This classic shape is still being made today, but the lovely wood patina brings in a richness that’s hard to find. The casters make it a practical option.
  2. Schoolhouse vintage. I love the look and feel of this one. It says office while still remaining minimalist cool.
  3. Leather office chair. With a little more flair, this leather chair adds panache with the steel legs and rounded curves.
  4. The swan chair. This is one of my favorite shapes as it is based on Arne Jacobsen’s original. This is both masculine, with the heavy wood and leather, and feminine in shape.
  5. Metal and leather office chair. This option looks medieval with the tacked metal, yet is softened with the lovely brown leather.
  6. Schoolhouse group of chairs. This simple shape is classy on its own and brightened by the wood. If you need lumbar support, simply add a cushion.

What is your task chair of choice? I use a simple wood chair and I find that it’s all I need!

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