6 Design Worthy Ways to Child Proof Your Home

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Image: Brabourne Farm

If you Google “childproofing your home in style” you know what you’ll find? Not much! Go ahead and try (I did!). Turns out, childproofing your home is synonymous with boring and ugly. But I’m here today to tell you it’s possible to maintain a beautiful home while still keeping the little ones safe.

There are hundreds of gadgets you can find that will help you keep the cupboards locked and the stairs blocked. I’m not going to talk about those. You can get those everywhere. I’m going to talk about different things to do with the style of your home.

1. Think round.

Rounded edges are your friends. Square and hard edges are your enemy. The top image shows a lovely living room with a rounded upholstered ottoman and rounded armchairs. These are perfect for little ones! (Not so perfect here is the fireplace sticks. Don’t try that at home!)

2. Block the fireplace

If you want to keep a functioning fireplace, cover it. On the right, this designer created a magnetic board for children to play against. Of course, make sure the fireplace is not warm. On the left, they used the fireplace as a storage for logs. Place them horizontally so they can’t be picked up by little hands.

Childproofed Fireplace
Images: (Left) Creative Index, (Right) Built by Kids

3. Use Poofs

It’s all about the poof. Poofs are great for kids rooms AND living rooms. Interior stylist, Emily Henderson, showed a before and after of Joy Cho’s living room that she designed. In the top image she has a beautiful wooden (and hard!) coffee table. After, she replaced the coffee table with two poofs, perfect for little hands and falling heads.

Babyproofed Living Room Before and After
Images: (Top) Oh Joy!, (Bottom) Emily Henderson

4. Add a cover-up to light furniture

Emily added a beautiful custom dark cover-up to the white sofa to keep it clean and free of spit-up.

5. Replace breakable objects with light objects

Another tip that Emily gives is to replace breakable objects with lighter materials and to keep toys handy. You can bring back the beautiful fragile objects at a later period of time, but for now, use unbreakable objects. Joy keeps the toys in easily accessible bins.

Babyproofed Shelves
Images: Emily Henderson

6. Upholstered Furniture

Of course, an obvious way to childproof a home is to remove furniture and use only upholstered furniture. Here, the coffee tables are removed, leaving one less way to bonk a head. The furniture they do have is upholstered and soft to the touch.

Childproofed Room
Image: (Left) Style Court, (Right) bright.bazaar

Aren’t these ideas beautiful? See, it’s doable. What are your tips for childproofing a home?

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