6 Great Space-Saving Ideas for the Bedroom

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The bedroom is one room in the house that requires maximum efficiency. There are so many storage needs like shoes, clothing, books, and trinkets that it could become one massive mess if left unorganized. But with just a few easy additions or creative thinking, the bedroom can go from chaos to organized. Here are some simple organizational tricks that will help you maximize the space in your bedroom.

6 Great Space-Saving Ideas For the Bedroom

Image: Better Home and Garden

This bedroom is maximized to the fullest with a series of built in cabinets that frame the bed. With under, side, and over storage, the bed becomes a full machine of efficiency!

6 Great Space-Saving Ideas For the Bedroom

  1. My Paradissi. This beautiful and organized bedroom takes advantage of the height of the room by adding in drawers to a faux floor. In this way it no longer becomes necessary to use bulky dresser furniture.
  2. Remodelista. Under bed storage is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to maximize space in the bedroom. This kid’s room uses a series of drawers to create a day bed on top.
  3. Martha Stewart. You can get casters for drawer units that make it easy to pull them in and out from under the bed. Make your bed higher with platforms.
  4. Shoebox Decor. Not only will you want to organize other things around the bed, but also you may want to hide the bed entirely. This pullout technique lets you to take advantage of the space when you don’t have visitors and allows you to pull  out the bed when you do.

Do you have a favorite bedroom efficiency idea? 

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