6 Reasons to Move into a Barn

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There’s a trend of renovating previously undesirable locations, such as old barns or factories, and turning them into beautiful modern dwellings. The initial cost to buy the property is generally cheap, while the renovations tend to be anything but. So the question remains, are these major renovations really worth all the hype? I say yes! Let’s take a look at some barn renovations to see why they work so well. Though I haven’t lived in a renovated barn myself, I can base the success of these spaces off of interior design fundamentals.

6 Reasons to Pack Up and Move into a Barn

Images: (1) Fuck Yeah Mezzanines, (2) Sea of Girasoles, , (3 & 4) Brit & Co.

  1. Open floor plans allow for a clean slate. Once you have a blank canvas to work with you can really evaluate the needs of your family and plan accordingly. This former barn created individual spaces while leaving some spaces as is.
  2. The angular features of a barn create visual interest in spaces like these rafters. It gives the designer opportunities to be creative.
  3. A renovated barn allows you to either dress up or dress down a space. Here the designer completed the white washed brick with beautiful mid-century pieces that dress the space up.
  4. History: renovated barns have a unique history that you will want to feature. Here, they left the skeleton and worked in the modern features.

6 Reasons to Pack Up and Move into a Barn

Image: SF Girl By Bay

  1. Renovated barns tend to have large open spaces, like the one featured above. This designer marked out separate territories within the space by painting indicators on the ground with colored paint.
  2. (top image) An open floor plan like this allows for everyone to be gathered in the same space, which can be both a blessing and a curse. You choose!

So, would you live in a former barn?

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