7 Gorgeous Purple Interiors

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Image: Las Cositas de Beach & eau

Confession: purple is my least favorite color. I don’t know why, but the color strikes me wrong. That said, I’ve been spotting a number of gorgeous purple interiors lately that have started to change my mind. Here are some of my favorite ways to tastefully incorporate purple into your space.

7 Gorgeous Purple Interiors

  1. Keep. One of my favorite shades of purple is a rich, deep royal purple. There’s a lot of red coloring in it, which makes it warmer than a grape purple. Velvet, like these two chairs, is a great way to use purple as it feels warmer.
  2. Marcus Design Decor and Lifestyle. This dusty shade of purple works well in this clean space. The designer used shades of grey to act as a neutral to the purple.  The purple is limited to the throw pillows.
  3. Essenziale. Purple is a great color for creating mood like this vignette. It’s accented with deep woods and moody portraits.
  4. Dos Family. This grape purple works well when combined with other equally bright colors like the colors in the map. The subtle blue lampshade neutralizes the brightness in this space.

7 Gorgeous Purple Interiors

Image: Digs Digs

This gorgeous purple bedding once again feels moody in the chalkboard wall space. Use it with throw pillows in the same shade to create a striking setting.

7 Gorgeous Purple Interiors

Image: Remodelaholic

This is one of my favorite ways to use purple. The more dusty shade of purple plays well with the orange tints of the leather chairs. It’s paired with rich wood accents to warm up the space.

(top image) These grape purple chairs serve as the only color feature in the minimalist Scandinavian dining room. It adds a nice bit of playfulness to the otherwise more serious space.

Are you a purple fan? What’s your favorite shade? 

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  1. Great post! Those purple kitchen chairs and that bedding, oh my!

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