7 Inspiring Vanities

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Image: Elle Décor

Sometimes I dream about how it would be to apply my makeup sitting down. Wouldn’t it be lovely?! Instead, I crouch over my sink in poor yellow lighting, hoping that I’m not missing the mark. A makeup vanity is something that lives only inside my dreams. Ideally, it’s a place to sit down and enjoy the process of getting ready. As I consider applying makeup an artistic endeavor, I will call the vanity an easel of sorts. Here are some vanities to inspire some daydreaming, and how to get the look for yourself.

7 Inspiring Vanities

Images: (1) Traditional Home, (2) Phoebe Howard, (3) Jangrue, (4) Elle Décor, (5) Living Impressive, (6) This is Glamorous

  1. This vanity setting is practical and beautiful. The shelving on either side of the mirror allows for convenient storage, while two small sconces provide great lighting.
  2. This beautiful setup features a lovely symmetrical display of framed pictures surrounding a beautiful mirror. Lighting is crucial to a good makeup vanity, so a lamp on each side of the mirror is important.
  3. This minimal vanity setting features carefully chosen furniture pieces with sleek lines, and two plants as minimal décor. Simple and efficient!
  4. I love the graphic nature of this setting. The color blocked paint acts as a beautiful canvas to the room.
  5. Who says vanities have to be extravagant?! This makeshift vanity is comprised of a desk with a bamboo mirror. It’s all about the details.
  6. I love the feel of this all-white setting. Placed next to a bed, it acts as a bedside table and economizes space. The modern table works well with the more detailed touches of the fur seating and table lamps.
  7. (Top image) A beautiful and efficient vanity is comprised of something comfortable and soft to sit on, with a beautiful mirror that acts as a focal point.

What does your dream vanity look like?

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