7 Minimal Rustic Interiors

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Though I live in the mountains, my style doesn’t necessarily reflect my environment. That said, I love a touch of rustic décor in a more minimal interior, which means loads of white with a touch of natural wood. That touch of rustic adds a sense of coziness and warmth to what could be a cold space. Here are some of my favorite minimal rustic interiors and how to achieve the look.

7 Minimal Rustic Interiors

Images: (1) Nanimarquina,  (2) Style Files

  1. This minimal rustic living room features little décor except two potted plants. The focus is on the beautiful architecture, and the rest is neutralized with toned down paint shades.
  2. The key to this minimal rustic bedroom is color choice. The white walls and exposed beams are warmed up with beautiful linen color choices and furniture selection.

7 Minimal Rustic Interiors

Image: Pallet Furniture

  1.  In a minimal rustic bedroom, play with textures. The natural wood beams are left exposed against a white canvas. The bed linens come in different neutral shades. In place of a box spring, wooden crates form the foundation. So clever!

7 Minimal Rustic Interiors

Image: World of Architecture

  1.  The minimal rustic interior, below, has sparse décor. The various woods used liven up the space. Industrial lighting provides the minimalist quality, and a touch of greenery warms it up.

7 Minimal Rustic Interiors

Image: Home DSGN

  1.  This minimal rustic space below is characterized by unique lamp shades. They are hung in a row, which provides a beautiful focal point to the room.

7 Minimal Rustic Interiors

Image: Sköna Hem

  1.  This minimal rustic table setting features beautiful, minimal lighting options like the exposed bulbs, a beautiful wood table, and clean white walls.
  2. (Top image) This minimal rustic entryway features a beautiful, simple bench with simple crates for convenience in putting on shoes. Practical and beautiful!

Do you love the minimal rustic look?

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