7 Potted Plants to Create the Perfect Indoor Oasis

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A room is not complete without something living or breathing life into it. Whether that is a plant, flower, or shell, there are a lot of options to fill that requirement. A potted plant perfectly fits that category and is a wonderful way to fill a space. Taking care of plants is also good for the soul. When I tend to my little greens, I find myself more contemplative and meditative.

So what are the best plants for indoors? Look further.

7 Potted Plants to Create the Perfect Indoor Oasis on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) RTfact Flowers (2) House Tweaking (3) examiner.com (4) Little Green Notebook (5) Beetle & Fig (6) Mod Vintage Life

  1. Aloe. The aloe plant has a cool shape but is also very handy around the house as it can treat a number of ailments. This succulent loves the sunshine and doesn’t need to be watered often so it’s a great beginner plant.
  2. Fiddle leaf fig. This tree is super trendy right now and my guess is that it’s because of its uniquely shaped leaves and long, thin trunk. Its substantial shape fills a space beautifully.
  3. English ivy. English ivy is a more elegant choice and can be kept in a small pot and cut back or let wild like this image.
  4. Citrus trees. There’s nothing more beautiful than a tree that gives off beautiful fruits in gorgeous citrus shades. In my dreams, I have various types all around my house.
  5. Cactus. Cacti are easy to care for (little responsibility, hooray!) and create a fun, modern look for a space. Make sure to place it in a sunny spot.
  6. Herbs. A table full of herbs is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helpful. Keep it near your kitchen to have full access to a great spice drawer. Make sure you group herbs according the amount of light then each need.
  7. (top photo) Ficus tree. We had these growing up in our home. They are easy to care for and have bright, green shiny leaves. A perfect accessory!

What’s your favorite indoor plant?

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