7 Ways to Add Botanical Prints to Your Home

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Image: The Gifts of Life

Botanical prints are a beautiful way to add a decorative touch to your space. They add a freshness that feels invigorating and calming. Because botanical prints are often free of copyright, you can find them at no cost on a creative commons site, and then print them off at your local printer for next to nothing. Here are some ways to use botanical prints in your home.

7 Ways to Add Botanical Prints to Your Home

Image: High Snobiety

  1. Botanicals as wallpaper (Above). The designer pasted botanical prints throughout this bathroom, lending a refreshing garden feel to an otherwise boring and enclosed space.
  2. Botanical charts (Below). Large botanical prints are a great way to fill room. Use a larger scaled print to play against smaller accessories. Pair it with plants and books for the right feel.

7 Ways to Add Botanical Prints to Your Home

Image: Etsy

  1. With bull-dog clips, align rows of botanical prints on top of each other to fill a full wall. It’s a great way to add character to an empty space.
  2. Frame a series of vintage botanical prints in matching frames for a polished, more traditional look. Plus, it fills the space from top to bottom perfectly.
  3. Dark-colored background botanical prints are such a fun and moody art piece to add to your collection. They’re in high demand, so once you find one, snag it!
  4. Frame your own collection of botanicals in groups of threes and accessorize with fresh plants, like this collection of ferns.

7 Ways to Add Botanical Prints to Your Home

Images: (3) Avenue, (4) Attic Mag, (5) Apartment Therapy, (6) Better Homes and Garden

  1. Display dried flowers in frames and showcase them like traditional botanicals like the image below. It’s a great way to store your dried flowers, rather than keeping them flat and out of sight.

7 Ways to Add Botanical Prints to Your Home

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