7 Ways to Design with Blue

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Image: Andrew Maier

Blue continues to be the color of choice for many home interiors. The soothing and relaxing color is perfect for creating a refuge in one’s personal space. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing an all blue interior done well. There are a few tricks to accomplish the look. Here are some of my favorite ways.

(top image). One of my all time favorite ways to do an all blue interior is to mimic the Gustavian Swedish look. Use a variety of ginghams in various sizes to accomplish the look. The larger blue check on the chairs contrasted with the smaller blue check on the drapes and accented with the decorative blue plates on the table ties the room together without being so in your face about the color.

7 Ways to Design with Blue

The Apartment. (from top left clockwise). This gorgeous, minimal space highlights a blue tapestry on the wall. If you want to create a blue space without having to commit too much to painting or wallpapering, try hanging something that’s not permanent like this hanging or a painting.

WHORANGE. This green blue interior is a great way to bring in the moody color. The trick to accomplishing any colored room is generally not to use its true hue, meaning the most saturated color. Here, blue is toned done with some grey and green to soften it up. It’s accented with its complementary color, orange, in the chair to complete the look.

Apartment Therapy. Bring in the blue color with blue furniture items like this gorgeous navy sofa. It is accented with a gorgeous blue hanging. The accent pieces are woods and whites, which contrast well with the deep blues.

Digs Digs. This all blue look is gorgeous. The darker bright blue is the perfect accent wall for the collection of kitchen accessories in various shades of blues and whites. Try this if your accessories have a bit of patina.

7 Ways to Design with Blue

Little Greene. (above left). This all blue room uses a variety of shades of blue to complete the look. The hues chosen are more of a grey blue so that it is livable, and it is accented with its complementary color, orange.

Apartment Therapy. (above right). A gorgeous peacock blue is used on the wall and accented with a different shade of blue on the bedding.

Are you a fan of blue interiors? What shade would you choose? 


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